Sunday, May 16, 2010

This year

So it has been a while. To start off with I finally got a job in Cheyenne. I have been working at a Junior High School as a Safe and Drug Free Schools counselor. It has been rather entertaining as well as eye opening. I just can not believe some of the things that goes on in Junior High. I know that as kids my friends and I were little rascals but these kids take it to a whole new level. It may just be because I grew up in a small town where if you did something bad at school the teachers had permission from your parents to discipline you and your parents also knew about it 5 minutes after it happened. Oh well this generation just does not seem to care.
But there are a whole punch of great kids. I work with students on anger management and drug prevention/awareness. I also get to do fun things like take the student council to see the Governor sign bills into law and have Blackhawks land at the school.
All in all it has been a rather good year. I also bought some fun toys now that I have a paycheck. I got a new car and snowboarding gear. I got to go up to Steamboat a couple times this year. I am getting better every time I go. I can almost keep up with Owen and Angie now. Also getting Emery, Kaitlynn, and Tim up to speed to where we all can have an enjoyable and challenging day.
So now the question is what to do this summer? Last summer was alright but kinda boring. It is time to plan some trips to watch Rockies games, fly fish, and help family with home improvements. So here we go.

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